Ramping up for Deployment

Five years ago at Ft. Benning, the boot camp commander stood before a room full of parents, young wives, and other loved ones and announced, “Get ready, because your sons and daughters are going to war. Make no mistake, they are going.”

Daniel has had five years to learn his job, mature, gain leadership skills and become battle ready. I’ve had five years to prepare, as much as you can for how war affects us at home. He comes home tomorrow for ten days and will deploy sometime after that. I know enough to know that the date will shift several times between now and then. It is part of the deployment cycle, this now-but-not-yet.

I’m more rattled than I want to let on, forgetting obligations, having to ask again, “What am I supposed to bring for the luncheon on Friday?” My friends are savvy and supportive, some of them having gone through this first hand. I’m really thankful for that.

I’m also really thankful for lists, lots of lists. Lists of lists.

No, it isn’t that bad, really.

I do have a list of things we need to discuss. There are legal things we need to put in order, words of wisdom I need to share with this man, my son. Some people I want him to meet, many who will be praying for him.

We will focus on the now, this short time together with family. It is gold, and I look forward to it.

Wherever you are in this process, know that God is in there with you. He is as close as your breath, and He loves you and your loved ones more than you realize.

May His grace and peace rest upon you.

May it come to this world we share.

In Him,


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