The Days Before Leaving

We’ve come in from our ‘ruck,’ sweaty and breathless. We’ve done a tour of the park trails, he in camo and carrying seventy pounds, me in the usual capris and t-shirt. He’s preparing for a life that is funneling in, honing to an arrow’s point. We pare the days until a military aircraft will carry him and his unit, cold and sleepless, across the globe and into enemy territory.

He has prepared for this for years.

I have prepared for my job, too. It involves knees, and sweat, and Spirit connected insight.

My job is to pray, to unleash forces greater than the physical realm into whatever situation he faces. Isn’t that what the keys of the Kingdom are for?

We talk about mental toughness, morale, PTSD, team mates, politics of war, history, unit cohesion, support for families. It helps some that I’ve visited the country he is going to. The perspective was different, but the general information jives.

It makes me feel better, and that carries some weight.

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