R&R For One Family!

Today is a day to celebrate with this family. A son is home for two weeks of R&R!

David’s home!

After four days of traveling from Afghanistan, David finally made it home for two weeks of R&R!  He called us from the airport, giving us two hours notice.  So Mom quickly fried chicken and baked brownies, Jon, Mary and I got on the horn to relatives and friends, Jessica and Adam veered from their evening’s planned trajectory, Andi strung yellow ribbons down the driveway, we grabbed our signs and flags and all trooped down to the airport to meet him.

At our first glimpse of him entering the secure area at a distance, we all started whooping and hollering.  Everyone else in the gate area caught the hint, and they all stood and gave him a standing ovation as he walked through!  David liked being a rock star for a day!  When he got through security, we assaulted him mercilessly!

He later told us that the anticipation of the moment pictured here was the main thing that he had thought about, longed for and kept him going during the previous ten months.  NOTHING is more precious to our soldiers than for them to know that they are loved, respected and missed back home!

We get to enjoy his presence for the next 14 days!  He and Jonathan are already thick as thieves filling their days.  He seems to be no worse for the wear, except for having shrunk a half-inch and lost a little weight (humping 60-pound packs and body armor will do that to you!).  But he just can’t seem to wipe that smile off his face.  As we drove home from the airport, he remarked with wide-eyed wonder and great draughts of air, “You have no idea how beautiful this place looks – and smells!”  Please be praying that he has a relaxing, positive, love-filled time while he’s here, and that God will use this period to prepare him for his final time in Afghanistan when he heads back later this month.

Here’s a picture of David next to the chair we always had set for him at the table while he was gone.  Nice to have the REAL THING here!

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers for David – and for us!

Rejoicing in Him,

C. & R.

We are rejoicing with you! Love the picture on the chair, decked out with ribbons!

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