Monday Manna: Through Him who gives me strength

While distanced from our loved ones and the strength they bring our daily lives, we still have a solidity available that is far superior to any human power. We can begin our week by taking a moment to connect with that strength.

A moment may be all you have, whether juggling paperwork at a high stress job or facing the dishes heaped in the sink after a long day of changing diapers, wiping noses, and kissing owies.

Your job, the daily life you preserve, is all-important to those deployed. It is the life they left and have gone to protect. It is valuable, and so are you.

And here is the strength we can connect with: God is right here with you, filling in the gap. He loves you. He is there as you take in  your next breath, and He will be right there when you close your eyes to a much deserved sleep. As you feel your heart beat, know His heart is beating with yours. He is right there loving you, there to carry you and your family through each moment that comes.

He is right there with your husband or wife, your brother or sister, your son or daughter, your mom or dad. His heart is beating with them across the miles, He is breathing along with them as they work and as they rest.

He is the strength and the presence we need. His love letters to us, found in the Word of God, are there to remind us that we “Can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.” Philippians 4:13.

God bless you today and throughout the coming week. May you know His love, presence, peace, and power.

Love in Him,


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