A question asked by Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was a woman of keen perception and leadership. Her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was president of the United States through much of the Great Depression and World War II. Many historians give her credit for her quiet, behind the scenes leadership of our nation during her husband’s illness.

As the battles raged in Europe, she penned these lines:

Lest I keep my complacent way,

I must remember

Somewhere out there

A person died for me today.

As long as there must be war,

I ask and I must answer:

Was I worth dying for? ~

Eleanor Roosevelt

The quote above tells us of her heart for those who served in battle, and for her sense of personal responsibility for their sacrifice. Both my parents served in World War II–my mother as an A&P mechanic at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, VA, and my father as a tail gunner in a B-26. My sister served as an Army nurse during the Vietnam war. Prompted by a cousin’s service as a Green Beret, I organized my grade school to send cookies and letters to the soldiers being sent into that country.

My service now is a bit different. I’m a mother of a deployed Soldier, and a volunteer chaplain. Last year I went into Afghanistan with a community development organization. These kind of works are what will allow any strides we make on behalf of that nation and the peace of the world to remain constant. Without their work all our Service Members and their families sacrifices could amount to little.

This is the front on which I choose to serve. And here are some of the reasons why.

Orphans need families

A generation needs education

Girls, too!

Widows need help and hope

A war-weary land needs joy

Want to help?

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